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R. Dahra Hargaalga Snr. (The Oboiro)

Revealer Of Mysteries


  • A pest that attacks one will maintain the attack unless and until one finds the appropriate pesticide for it or one perishes. For every pest, there is a pesticide. Fraternize with them die of them. A snake charmer invariably dies of their venom. Who protects evil dies of evil. Kill first the source of protection of the villain, the villain and then all those that derive power from the source.
  • A point of contact is a multi-link; if you can reach me there through, I can reach you and your world there through.
  • No pain no gain in life and this is also true of wisdom or craft. They are the great who overcame evil; the more they overcome, the greater they become and longer they live.
  • Every God that can be pleased is mortal and has a yield point as every event, beings inclusive, that can experience pain could be overwhelmed and killed.
  • Nature always tends towards stress-free state; nature abhors stress as it abhors vacuum.
  • Those who will not live by the laws shall perish by the laws: laws are not bribed; they are conformed with. Man or woman has no choice in the matter.
  • Unless you build a house first in invisible spiritual ARUOKUN, you could not build one in physical world; yet, if you built in coven in invisible realm, you would not be able to build one in physical world. Invisible world of coven is not same as invisible world of ARUOKUN.  This is also true of every other form of potential achievements in this world.

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